Build a Transport and Transit-Rich City

Where we are: I’ve stood in the cold for an hour waiting for a bus because I was 5 minutes late. If I missed a bus, I wouldn’t get to work on time. I bike, but I’ve also been run off the road by a truck. I’d walk, but then I’d have to deal with walking home at night on streets that are poorly lit. So, I bought a car—not out of choice but out of necessity, because that is how our city has been built. We can change this so that we all have more choice in how we get around our communities.

When we have a system that makes it impossible to travel across the city in a reasonable amount of time, people will not use it. We need bus and LRT service every 15 minutes that gets you where you need to go, when you need to get there. This will make taking transit a viable option for more people, create more jobs in transportation and further our goals of creating an economically sustainable transit system.

Where we can go, together: The foundation for a universally accessible and sustainable city is a robust public transportation system. Calgarians deserve a transportation system that guarantees frequent, safe, decongested, sustainable, accessible, and affordable service to and from all parts of the city. How do we do this?

Economical: The Green Line is just the start of this important vision. Not only is it a large investment for our City today, it will open up a whole new degree of connectivity and accessibility that will allow people to more easily live and work anywhere in Calgary.

We have an opportunity to make strategic investments in our transit and active transportation infrastructure that would make Calgary a city where people can save money by having the choice to walk, bike, or drive on their daily commute. Through universal design that makes our city accessible to all, we can open up our city to ensure everyone can participate in our economy equally.

Social: We can and must change our relationship with how we move throughout the city. To see the vibrancy of Calgary grow, we need to make sure that we are connecting all communities with a cohesive network of transit and transportation corridors that will encourage Calgarians to explore, embrace, and engage in our city.

By creating a transit-rich city, we are able to make more space for people to live, work, and play. With a renewed commitment to proven sustainable systems of transportation, we can refocus our efforts on connecting our communities with each other, rather than separating them.

Environmental: We are at a crossroads with how Calgary has been built. There is no way around it–we are a city that has been built for cars. As part of our commitment to creating a climate resilient city, we need to do our part to make every aspect of our city more energy efficient, reduce our carbon emissions, and become better stewards of the land.

How we travel is key to this work. If we commit to revolutionizing how Calgarians move, we will further our climate resilience goals, live healthier lives, and guarantee that Calgary is seen as a city that takes the climate crisis seriously and is acting to address it.

An enhanced transportation network will reduce emissions, enhance the quality of physical health for Calgarians, improve mental health through physical activity and community connection, and support the longevity of a sustainable Calgary.


  1. Defend the Green Line and champion the full build out of Stage 1 of the Green Line LRT through Ward 8, Downtown and north of the Bow River, and prioritize expansion north to the airport for Stage 2.
  2. Fight to triple the budget for street safety and mobility improvements that will make a noticeable improvement in every Ward 8 neighbourhood.
  3. Advocate for and ensure continued investment to create sustainable public transit and active transportation infrastructure through Provincial and Federal partnerships and grants. 
  4. Restore and enhance bus and LRT service to and through Ward 8, targeted at creating 15-minute service intervals.
  5. Continue to invest in Ward 8 neighbourhoods with protected mobility tracks for bikes, scooters, and people travelling by active modes.
  6. Champion the re-establishment of regional passenger rail service between Banff, Downtown Calgary and the Calgary Airport with the Federal and Provincial Governments.
  7. Investigate Calgary Transit funding models that can incentivize increased ridership, cost-effective service provision, and fair and equitable fare levels.

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