Reinvest in our Established Neighbourhoods

Where we are: As Calgary keeps building out, our resources are being stretched thin. We all shoulder the cost of sprawl. For Ward 8, that cost is felt close to home. Ward 8 has seen schools close, pools go underfunded, and recreation centres age beyond usability. We must end sprawling development patterns bankrupting our city. However, ending suburban sprawl isn’t about punishing those communities on the outskirts. It is about recognizing that continued outward growth will continue to raise our costs, which must be covered by higher and higher taxes, fewer and lower quality services, and less infrastructure meant for the common good. 

Where we can go, together: When we invest in our communities with clear vision and goals, we become active participants in building a city where everyone can find a place to call home. For Ward 8, we have so much to offer and so much more potential—I want it to be a place where everyone can take part in the vibrancy. I want that for every community.

Not only do we need to densify, but we need to do so sensibly. Ward 8, now more than ever, must have an advocate on Council who will fight for the amenities needed to support each other and the new neighbours we are inviting into our communities.

Social: Ward 8 neighbourhoods have some of the best connectivity in all of Calgary, and we must continue to build people-focused infrastructure with universal design in mind. This means protected bike lanes, wider sidewalks, more seating, more intentional accessibility infrastructure, and expanded urban canopies to ensure more comfort and access for everyone out and about.

Calgary is home to very diverse neighbourhoods and communities and Ward 8 is no exception. However, each neighbourhood has felt the impacts of the shutting down of the amenities that make our communities liveable. Ward 8 needs someone to fight to ensure that we have all of the amenities necessary to make our communities vibrant and thriving.

Economical: A benefit of building upon our vibrancy and developing better infrastructure for those living in Ward 8 means it will attract more people to come support our local businesses. Where people are, our communities and businesses thrive. 

I’ll fight to keep more of your tax dollars in Ward 8 to support these amenities and what you love about living here, rather than seeing it spent out on the edges of the city. Ward 8 deserves to see our tax dollars fairly used to revitalize the aging infrastructure here and to create more opportunities for work, fun, and building community. 

Environmental: Sprawl is the greatest threat to the environment and to the fiscal responsibility and financial sustainability of our city. Every existing community should not have to fight for resources, we must build up all existing communities rather than build new ones. By building up people-focused, resilient, and thoughtful infrastructure, we are better able to support climate mitigation actions that reduce our carbon footprint. Land is a resource that we must continue to use efficiently and share with each other.


  1. Reject the plans to subsidize 11 more new communities in 2022 and fight against the continued public subsidization of new communities in Calgary.
  2. Work with City of Calgary Recreation to conduct an updated recreation amenities gap analysis that engages with Ward 8 residents and ensure appropriate investment in modern recreation facilities is fast-tracked for our neighbourhoods.
  3. Introduce community enhancement funds that reinvest a portion of additional property taxes raised from new developments directly back into new amenities for each community. 
  4. Link community density targets with direct investment in community amenities; communities that take on the challenge of density, inviting new faces and families onto their block, should see additional amenities as a result.
  5. Invest in revitalizing main streets in Ward 8 and neighbourhoods to better support local businesses by sustaining our vibrant neighbourhoods with well developed public spaces.
  6. Make neighbourhood streets safer and reduce cut through traffic.
  7. Ensure the proper oversight of the redevelopment of East Victoria Park into a thriving urban neighbourhood and that public funds committed to the new Event Centre are used responsibly in the best interest of Calgarians to achieve a positive return on investment for our city.
  8. Investigate the creation of open streets for people walking and wheeling in partnership with local businesses to replicate the vibrancy of Stephen Avenue. 
  9. Prioritize innovative ways to expand our publicly accessible green spaces and parks.
  10. Invest in public art and create more opportunities for the local artists to beautify their community.

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