Courtney Walcott is a respected educator, proud basketball coach and passionate community organizer in Ward 8.

Courtney Walcott is a teacher and basketball coach at Western Canada High School and a community organizer. His life has been dedicated to helping people. His mother was an addictions counsellor who taught Courtney from an early age how to help struggling and vulnerable members of our community. 

After his mother passed away, Courtney left Ontario to join his family in Calgary during high school and has found opportunity working full-time ever since. He graduated from Mount Royal University with a degree in history and the University of British Columbia with a degree in education. Courtney previously served as Area Sales Manager for southern Alberta for a major telecommunications company.

Courtney has been a teacher for the past five years. He is currently a teacher and basketball coach at Western Canada High School. Courtney petitioned the Calgary Board of Education to form an anti-racism task force. He was nominated for a Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence by his students. In the community, Courtney helped to bring together 15 community organizations to successfully advocate for $8 million in additional community funding from the City of Calgary. This funding will help address the needs of vulnerable Calgarians.

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