Building Accountability and Action into the Climate Declaration

In November 2021, Council declared a climate emergency. Today, Council made clear our commitment to taking local action by passing the Building Accountability into the Declaration of a Climate Emergency and Call to Action.

Given the City of Calgary's renewed commitment to transforming our response to the climate crisis, we must create and build the structures necessary to hold ourselves to account.

This Notice of Motion directs Administration to

  • develop a framework to measure and report on climate strategy actions,
  • provide ongoing expenditure reports that explore costs of action and inaction, as well as avoided costs and cost savings as these relate to climate mitigation and adaptation,
  • update city-wide and sector-specific greenhouse gas reduction targets to ensure accountability
  • present a plan to retrofit and update City-owned assets with clean energy infrastructure and improvements
  • work with civic partners and subsidiaries, and
  • connect with community partners in an outreach and educational campaign.

More information about the City's climate strategy is available at

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