I will defend the Green Line

The Green Line LRT is a transformative investment in Calgary’s future

The Green Line LRT project will transform how Calgarians move around this city, better integrate rapid transit directly within communities, and will be a critical tool for equity and sustainability. It will connect communities from the far southeast in Seton, through Ward 8 in the Beltline and Downtown, all the way up Centre Street North, past the Airport and to 160 Avenue North. Historically, Calgary has too often prioritized large highway projects, like the ring road, over good public transit. Now the Green Line, the largest infrastructure investment in our city’s history, is our chance to finally play catch-up. 


Rendering of future 4 Street SE station in the Beltline (Source: City of Calgary)


Threats to the Green Line still remain

While the Green Line has now been approved with funding from all three levels of government, its opponents still remain. The next City Council and Calgarians must be vigilant against special interests that could try once again to tinker with the alignment and cause costly delays. There are indications that some influential Calgarians plan to prioritize the Green Line’s construction to brand new communities in the deep southeast. This is unfair to the long-established communities of the centre-north corridor who have long been promised better transit access. It also ignores the clear advantages of building the critical link across the Bow River and up Centre Street north towards the airport.


Construction in preparation of Stage 1 of the Green Line starts in the Beltline this fall. (Source: City of Calgary)


Ward 8 needs a leader that will defend the Green Line

If elected Ward 8 councillor, I will be a tireless champion for the Green Line as there are still many important details to be worked out for the final design of the line coming through the Beltline and Downtown. Even today, the accessibility of station locations and strong integration with streets and existing buildings is unfortunately not necessarily guaranteed.


Rendering of future Bow River Bridge to Eau Claire underground portal transition (Source: City of Calgary)


I will work with the local communities and businesses to make sure the final implementation doesn’t cut corners or sacrifice the ultimate usability of the system. The Green Line is worth building right the first time, and deserves the best possible integration within neighbourhoods. I am also committed to prioritizing building north, towards the airport, as part of Stage 2 of the project. 

Furthermore, If elected, I will work with the City of Calgary, local businesses, and residents to pilot two-way streets on 11th and 12th Avenues as part of the Green Line construction detours. We will evaluate the success of these streets as two-ways with Calgarians—and decide what changes, if any, to make for the long term success of these streets.


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