A Generational Investment in Richmond Green

More greenspace, more state of the art amenities, and more investment from The City

The proposal brought forward for the future of Richmond Green is one that will see a great deal of investment in the park: environmental remediation, more green space, and the creation of the diverse housing options needed to help address the social, economic, and environmental issues our city is facing today. Reinvesting in this important community green space is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. We must be bold in our vision, and call for reasonable additional public investment to make Richmond Green a great community asset for today and for the next generation.


Dollar-for-dollar matching public investment for Richmond Green

The current Richmond Green plan calls for the land swap revenues of the development parcel to be fully reinvested towards creating a net gain of 4.48 acres of public park space, alongside more state-of-the-art amenities. I will fight to ensure the City goes even further and matches these funds dollar-for-dollar so that we can make a truly generational investment in Richmond Green. This would mean ensuring that we are able to transform Richmond Green into an even more valuable community park space with even better amenities that will uplift the whole community.


The City must still commit to clear timelines to deliver on amenities

My original commitment, should I be elected, still stands: The City cannot focus on the housing portion alone. It must present residents with a plan and a timeline as to how the new park land of the former  depot site will become publicly accessible. They must also commit to the new ball diamond being in place prior to losing the current one. 


My support of this project is qualified in that sense. The City cannot move forward with the development without providing and prioritizing the amenities it promised on a reasonable and clear timeline. 


Regarding past engagement,  this proposal should have come forward with residents engaged as partners from the beginning. Moving forward, residents deserve a clearly laid out timeline and the City must follow through and meet the bar that’s set.


As your Councillor, I will ensure that all of the promises made by the City are followed through on and delivered  on time. I will ensure that residents have fair and meaningful participation in planning for the future of Richmond Green. We have the opportunity to make a generational investment in Richmond Green for today and for future generations.


Read my full position on ensuring the City commits to clear timelines and to delivering more greenspace for Richmond Green with state of the art amenities

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