I support the Community Safety Investment Framework

Community safety is paramount for Ward 8 and Calgary’s economic recovery. As a community leader in Ward 8, I have led successful initiatives to create safer communities in collaboration with the Calgary Board of Education, The City of Calgary and Calgary Police Service. 

The Community Safety Investment Framework (CSIF) is a collaborative effort between The City of Calgary, the Calgary Police Service (CPS) and community partners to connect and identify ways to improve support for Calgarians in crisis due to mental health concerns, addictions or other similar challenges. Unfortunately, it does not have stable, long term funding and is at risk of being dismantled.

If elected, I will work to find permanent funding for the Community Safety Investment Framework.. The money is available within existing budgets, and funding solutions to these problems should not be sustained by piecemeal  one-time funding.

Stephen Avenue Safety Hub is a Good First Step

The Stephen Avenue Safety Hub is a great first step to reversing short-sighted reductions in community safety resources in Ward 8 and Downtown Calgary. It’s also an important step in acknowledging that safety is more than just more policing. We all know that much more is needed across Ward 8.

Ward 8 needs a Councillor who has the vision and experience to bring different groups together to imagine and implement more holistic approaches to community safety. We must have the courage to address the root causes affecting public safety, such as mental health struggles and houselessness, and pursue solutions that use the best tools for the job.

We Need Permanent Funding to Assist Calgarians in Crisis 

Council must find permanent funding for its Community Safety Investment Framework. This cannot be a temporary one-off pilot project. If elected, I will fight to secure ongoing funding for this important initiative. The lives of vulnerable Calgarians depend on these vital supports, and our community as a whole benefits from holistic approaches to community safety.

The Framework was established in November 2020, after the Calgary Police Service offered to reduce its own budget by $8 million to fund crisis response. City Council rejected this offer and instead used its rainy day reserve funds to provide one-time funding of approximately $8 million to community organizations (organizations listed below). After Council provided the Calgary Police Service with more money than it requested, the Police set up its own reallocation of a $5.2 million dollar portion of its surplus funds, as part of its anti-racism initiatives. 

It is a positive step that community organizations have received additional one-time fundingit  is uncertain whether any of these programs will be funded over the long term. The City’s community partners need certainty whether they can hire staff and deliver programming year after year. Council would never fund more police officers or firefighters with one-time reserve dollars, funding crisis response should be no different. 

It is clear that Council leadership and better coordination with the Calgary Police Service is needed. If elected, I will push for The City of Calgary to work with the Calgary Police Service to establish permanent funding for the Community Safety Investment Framework. 


Funding amount

12 Community Safety Initiative Society


Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary


Alberta Northern Spirit Foundation-Wholistic Community Development


Alexandra Community Health Centre




Trellis Society for Community Impact


Trellis Society for Community Impact


Calgary Alpha House Society


Calgary Downtown Association


Calgary Health Trust


Calgary Health Trust


Calgary Seniors' Resource Society


CUPS Calgary Society


Distress Centre Calgary


ECSSEN Career School


Enviros Wilderness School Association


McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association

$ 146,881

Next Step Ministries


Nisa Homes- National Zakat Foundation


Punjabi Community Health Services Calgary Society


RESET Society of Calgary


Sagesse Domestic Violence Prevention Society


The Mustard Seed Society


Wood's Homes


Centre for Suicide Prevention

$ 360,000

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