Reinvest In Our Main Streets

Main streets are vital to the success of our neighbourhoods

When we create welcoming, safe, and beautiful streets with dedicated pathways for walking or wheeling, we also create more opportunities for people to connect with their neighbours and local businesses at a human scale. Calgary’s Main Streets Program is key to making inner-city neighbourhoods more livable and setting a strong foundation for local businesses to continue to thrive.

The City of Calgary has identified 24 main streets for revitalization across Calgary. Many of these are in Ward 8 neighbourhoods and are in various states of progress.


37 Street SW main street improvements currently under construction. (Source: City of Calgary)

Construction in Progress

Design in progress - not fully funded

Identified as Priorities - not yet funded

  • 10 Avenue SW 
  • 14 Street SW - Segment #1: Bow River to 17 Avenue SW
  • 14 Street SW - Segment #2: 17 Avenue SW to 33 Avenue SW
  • 4 Street SW
  • Richmond Road SW
  • 50 Avenue SW


Map of identified Main Streets projects in Calgary. Many of these are years or decades away from ever being funded. (Source: City of Calgary)


Revitalization of our main streets is underfunded

Unfortunately, while the current City Council has directed hundreds of millions of dollars towards subsidizing new communities on the edge of town, many of our main streets are languishing—despite having contributed decades of residential and business taxes to City coffers. As things stand today, most of the identified main streets projects will not likely be realized for years or even decades because of the out-of-sync priorities of previous City Councils.

Design of Crowchild overpass as part of the 17 Avenue SW Main Street Project. (Source: City of Calgary)


Ward 8 needs a leader who will prioritize revitalizing our main streets

Calgary’s recovery and long-term success depends on the continued support and growth of our local businesses—alongside the continued success of our inner-city neighbourhoods. However, without a leader on City Council, we risk losing the lion’s share of capital funding to subsidize new communities on the edge of town. If elected, I will fight for Ward 8’s fair share of reinvestment so that the necessary funding will go towards revitalizing our main streets, supporting the businesses that anchor our communities, further strengthening our neighbourhoods in Ward 8.




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