Modern family recreation and leisure facilities for Ward 8 communities

The city is letting inner city facilities close one by one

Playing basketball and spending hours at the local leisure centre was an important part of my childhood. The time I spent doing physical activity, which we all know can be challenging to do year round in Calgary, helped shape who I am today. Unfortunately, for Ward 8 communities,- we’ve watched our aging inner city recreation facilities like the Eau Claire YMCA, the Beltline Aquatic and Fitness Centre and the Inglewood Aquatic Centre close down. At the same time, the city made nearly half a billion dollars of publicly-funded investment in new world-class facilities in brand-new communities on the far edges of the city. If we want Ward 8 neighbourhoods to continue to be a great place for families, the city needs to reinvest in inner-city amenities.


The Eau Claire YMCA is just one of several inner-city recreation facilities that has been shuttered over the last several years. (Source: The Sprawl)


We must reinvest in modern new family recreation and leisure facilities for Ward 8 communities 

Only after years of hard-fought community advocacy did the City approve a $45-million investment to expand the Repsol Centre in Erlton this past May. Based on the current trend, Killarney Pool may be next on the chopping block. That’s why we need to start moving on lifecycle upgrade investments in more modern facilities to serve inner-city communities to the west, including Killarney, Rosscarrock, Shaganappi, Scarboro, Sunalta, Bankview, South Calgary, Altadore, Garrison Woods, Currie Barracks, Rutland Park, and Lincoln Park. The City’s most recent gap analysis (2010) conducted for this catchment area indicated that residents had higher-than-average levels of involvement in recreation and leisure activities, and higher-than-average usage of many recreation amenities compared to the rest of Calgary. But we have not seen a commensurate level of investment in 11 years.

The new $192-million world-class YMCA at Rocky Ridge opened in 2018 north of the ring road to serve brand new communities.


Ward 8 needs a councillor who will champion reinvestment in Ward 8 communities

Ward 8 residents can’t be expected to continue to subsidize new communities on the far-flung edges of the city while our established neighbourhoods watch our amenities decline. If elected, I will work with City of Calgary Recreation to conduct an updated amenities gap analysis that engages with Ward 8 residents. Having updated data will help us identify the needs and priorities for new family recreation and leisure amenities in Ward 8. We deserve equal access to high quality play and fitness opportunities and I will fight to make sure appropriate investment is fast-tracked for our neighbourhoods.



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