Support Improved Noise Policy in Calgary

Living in a city of over a million people, Calgarians are exposed to noise from many sources, both in their homes and as they move around the city. Noise affects a person’s ability to enjoy their surroundings and interact with others, and can affect one’s physical and mental wellbeing. The City of Calgary should establish policies and regulations to moderate some of the most significant sources of noise in the environment.

What does understanding noise exposure look like?

Noise mapping is the first step in determining noise level exposure. Below is an example from Toronto. Click here for examples from European cities.

Will you sign?

The City of Calgary has taken initial steps in considering a comprehensive Noise Policy and is making progress on Addressing Noisy Vehicles.

As we grow as a city, we need a comprehensive approach to sound and noise so that Calgarians know what to expect in their homes, on city streets and in vibrant urban spaces. 

Add your name if you think The City of Calgary should continue pursuing noise policies that protect Calgarians from the harmful effects of noise while encouraging a vibrant and sustainable city.


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