Raising the Bar on Transparency

Months ago, I called my team to let them know that I was going to publicly disclose my donors. I wanted to do it early and often throughout the campaign, even though disclosure isn’t legally required until after the election.

It turns out that raising the bar on transparency works: as a result, we have set donation records and have received most major endorsements. 

I am proud to disclose my final list of donors prior to the election. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to make this campaign possible. If you want to be a part of something big on Monday October 18, chip in today and your name will be added as one of our proud supporters. 

We Made History, Together!

Let's just say that a teacher's network is not one known for its wealth. We worked hard to earn a lot of small donations and even some large ones. In August, we set an audacious goal to have the highest number of individual donors in Ward 8 Calgary history—with no union or corporate donations. 

Guess what—we did it! This means every day folks like you and me have been chipping in whatever we can in record numbers to help realize our vision for an inclusive, vibrant, and resilient Calgary.

I Voluntarily Disclosed My Donors

The rules in Alberta for municipal elections are too weak. There is no legal requirement to publicly disclose your donors until after the election. This means that voters have no idea who is funding many candidates before the election. We deserve better.

The media has been tracking which Ward 8 candidates voluntarily disclose their donors prior to the election. As of this blog post’s publication, I am the only Ward 8 candidate to disclose my donors prior to the election, and I have done so regularly. I encourage the other candidates to do the same and disclose their donors as soon as possible before election day. Voters deserve transparency.

I Received Major Endorsements 

My focus on transparency and my vision for Calgary has attracted significant community support. I am honored to receive major endorsements from Calgary’s Future, Look Forward, Responsible Representation Political Action Committee, Councillors Evan Woolley and Druh Farrell, and MLAs Kathleen Ganley and Joe Ceci. These endorsements represent a broad spectrum of workers and community leaders.

I Will Fight For Reform 

If elected, I will push for municipal and provincial governments to strengthen rules around campaign financing for municipal elections, including:

It can be somewhat uncomfortable putting your name out in public as a contributor—but it is preferable to the discomfort of not knowing who is supporting a candidate. From the bottom of my heart, thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this campaign. This is for us.

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