RPP Provision for Older Large Buildings

Recent changes to the Residential Parking Program were approved by the previous Council in 2021. Policy and bylaw adjustments approved in today's Residential Permit Parking Provision for Heritage Buildings addresses a potential inequity for older buildings. Many of these buildings were designed and constructed prior to the dominant use of the car for travel and the establishment of parking requirements. Some of these properties are also listed on the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources as having heritage value in the public interest.

The City and Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) have received feedback from affected residents, which was anticipated. Some of the challenges raised have

  • Landlords have onboarded new tenants who assumed residential permits would
    continue to be available.
  • Some citizens have sold properties with an expectation of access to the program for
    future owners.
  • Some past permit holders have let their permits lapse and are finding upon renewal that
    they are not able to apply for a new permit (CPA is enabling renewal if the lapse is less
    than 30 days).
  • Older properties developed prior to the establishment of parking requirements lack on-site parking in the pre-car era.

As a result of the above, Administration was asked to explore what possibility to allow permit privileges to continue for older properties lacking on-site parking. Staff reviewed data for parking provisions for older, large multi-residential buildings built prior to 1945. It was found that the number of large buildings built prior to this date was few and they did not exceed the 20-unit limit significantly in most cases. A preliminary analysis of eligibility indicated that making this change would see approximately 300 additional permits remain eligible. This would be a modest impact that can be addressed in the short term and does not fundamentally alter the intention of keeping the program focused on lower-density buildings.

The proposed eligibility change would be implemented in two stages. The first stage would be to allow residents in now eligible older buildings to resume applying for new residential permits in the short term. This would be  implemented following Council’s decision. Applicants would be advised that the permit will be for one year only, at which time there will not be an option for renewal. This treatment is similar to other residents who have existing permits that will become ineligible in 2023/2024.

Once the permit has expired, the second stage would be to employ a market rate permit which  could be offered to residents in older, large multi-residential buildings. This would offer an option for those who desire parking beyond what is available to them through the RPP program.

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