Safety and Mobility Improvements for Ward 8 Streets

Great neighbourhoods need great streets

Great cities and great neighbourhoods are defined by their streets. Ward 8 is full of great neighbourhoods, but many of our streets aren’t working for us the way they could be. Dangerous crossings, excessive cut-through traffic, and a lack of safe separation between cars and people on bikes and scooters affects all of us. 

The City of Calgary budgeted $30-million on safety and mobility improvements across the entire city between 2019-2022—but that was hardly enough to make a dent. That’s why, if elected, I will fight to triple the budget for safety and mobility improvements that will make an impact in every neighbourhood. For less than the cost of one new suburban interchange, we can make streets in Ward 8 neighbourhoods safer and easier to get around. This could be further leveraged with the federal government’s new $400-million Active Transportation Fund that could expand the scope of these upgrades even further.. 

Here’s a rundown of what I would do in Ward 8.


Beltline and Downtown Safety and Mobility Upgrades

11th Street SW CPR Underpass

The 11th Street CPR train crossing is the last remaining urban rail crossing in Calgary. With the explosion of new residents in the Beltline and Downtown West, this rail crossing adds unpredictably long delays to even short journeys - not to mention the regular danger posed by trains stopped on the tracks. 


The 11th Street SW at-grade rail crossing is the last at-grade urban CPR rail crossing in the entire city.


The City of Calgary has completed initial public engagement on design concepts for this underpass, however, the project remains unfunded. The community has advocated for progress for years. If elected, I will work with the City and higher orders of government to make sure this project is funded to completion.

This design concept shows how the 11th Street SW CPR underpass could incorporate much-needed community green space. (Source: City of Calgary)


11th Street SW

11 Street SW curb extensions under construction September 2021.


After years of community engagement with local businesses and residents, safety and mobility improvements are finally coming to 11th Street SW between 17th Avenue and 12th Avenue SW. This important corridor connects two parks, an elementary school and numerous local shops— and now it will be safer for everyone with safer crosswalks, separated wheeling lanes and better sidewalks. If elected, I will work to ensure that 11th St SW safety and mobility improvements continue north—all the way to the Bow River pathway.


14th and 15th Avenues SW

Final design concepts for 14th and 15th Avenues include separated wheeling lanes for bikes and scooters, curb extensions for safer crosswalks and a return to two-way traffic on 14th Avenue.


These avenues were converted to neighbourhood one-ways with a bike lane to support detour traffic during the now-completed 17th Avenue reconstruction project. The City and the community have worked together through multiple stages of engagement to create a long-term design concept for safety and mobility improvements along 15th Avenue that includes safer crosswalks and separated wheeling lanes for bikes and scooters. This project is broadly supported by residents and local businesses. If elected, I will work to ensure these improvements move ahead. 


8 Street SW

8th Street SW is one of the busiest pedestrian streets in the city, but has been in need of wider sidewalks, safety and mobility improvements for years. (Source: City of Calgary


A streetscape master plan was completed in 2016 to redesign this oversized corridor to better accommodate local businesses, add protected wheeling lanes, safer crossings and wider sidewalks. While the 8th Street SW underpass was completed, the rest of the project along the 15th premier city blocks remains unfunded. If elected, I will work with the City to quickly address the missing wheeling lanes on this street and advance towards long term funding and construction as part of the Greater Downtown Plan.


5th Street SW

Rendering of 5 Street SW underpass enhancement now under construction. (Source: City of Calgary)

The 5th Street SW separated wheeling lane (cycle track) is one of the busiest corridors for people riding bikes and scooters in the entire city. However, it currently dead-ends on 3rd Avenue S to the north and 17th Avenue S on the south side. If elected, I will work with local residents and businesses to extend this major active transportation route north to the Bow River pathway and south to the Elbow River pathway to improve mobility and safety in these neighbourhoods.


1st Street SE

The Repsol Sport Centre, located on 1 Street SE, will be adding new competition and family-oriented aquatics facilities as part of a major expansion.


With the Repsol Sport Centre / Lindsay Park gearing up for an exciting major expansion and the revitalization of East Victoria Park as part of the new Culture & Entertainment District, 1st Street SE will need significant safety and mobility improvements to help residents in the Greater Downtown get to these new facilities. If elected, I will work with the City and local neighbourhoods to ensure safe sidewalks and separated wheeling lanes are added to make this a more vibrant street that connects major destinations improving quality of life Downtown.


4 Street SE and 12 Avenue SE

Separated wheeling lanes Victoria Park in the new future Culture and Entertainment District are long overdue for people trying to move between Beltline and East Village safely.


The CMLC Rivers District Master Plan calls for both of these streets to have separated wheeling lanes to support more residents moving into the area, an important contribution tomaking this a vibrant new neighbourhood. If elected, I will work with CMLC, the City and local residents to ensure these long overdue connections are completed even if temporary treatments need to be installed while the arena and 4th Street SE Green Line station are under construction.

3rd Avenue South

Plans for a more vibrant stretch of 3 Ave in Chinatown between Centre Street and 1 Street SE. (Source: City of Calgary)


While just outside the Ward 8 boundaries, 3rd Avenue is serving as an important walking and wheeling detour for the Bow River pathway during construction in the Eau Claire area. If elected, I will work with the local communities and businesses to find long-term safety and mobility upgrades that make this a better street for residents and local businesses.


16th Street SW - Altadore

This great neighbourhood street connects multiple schools, parks, local businesses and the pathway system. If elected, I will work with the community to initiate public engagement with the City to create a new streetscape master plan to improve mobility and safety for everyone.


Safe School Cycling Connectors for Ward 8

Kids should be able to bike to school safely in every Ward 8 neighbourhood. (Source: City of Calgary)


In early 2020, City Council formally adopted the 5A (Always Available for All Ages & Abilities) Network Guiding Principles in order to support the development of a network of safe routes for wheeling year round. If elected, I will work with local communities to prioritize these along school routes to ensure that children can safely walk and bike to school in all Ward 8 neighbourhoods. 


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