Council Must Reject Plans to Subsidize 11 More New Communities in 2022

Plans to subsidize more new communities would cost taxpayers $23-million annually

In the coming year, Calgary’s next City Council will face a decision on whether or not to approve 11 more new communities. The plans, first presented in 2020, were kicked down the road by the outgoing Council, leaving the decision squarely at the feet of the next Council who will be elected on October 18th. The proposal for 11 new communities on the city’s far reaches would cost Calgary taxpayers an estimated $23-million annually, or a 1.5% tax increase.


The proposed 11 new communities on the far-flung edges of Calgary would cost Calgary taxpayers $23-million annually, or a 1.5% tax increase. (Source: CBC)

Ward 8 already faces declining services as pressure to service more new communities grows

Ward 8 has seen its share of service impacts from the 41 new communities currently under development. In 2017, the Calgary Police Service closed the only downtown Police station in Victoria Park that serviced many Ward 8 communities, citing “financial” reasons. 

In 2020, it was revealed that the City was considering plans to close the Eau Claire Fire Hall to shift resources to open a new fire hall in the new community of Livingston on the northern edge of the city.

This year, inner city neighbourhoods have faced the closure of multiple rec centres including the Eau Claire YMCA, the Beltline Fitness & Aquatic Centre and Inglewood Aquatic Centre, alongside a record public investment of nearly half a billion dollars to build four new recreation centres in far-flung new communities. Only after years of community advocacy was a $45-million investment finally approved to expand the Repsol Centre to begin to address the recreation infrastructure deficit in our inner-city neighbourhoods.

The CBE announced the closure of Rosscarrock School in Ward 8 even as they are building more new schools on the far flung edges of the city. (Source: Livewire Calgary)

In January this year, the Calgary Board of Education announced the closure of Rosscarrock School, the latest in a string of Ward 8 schools to be closed as the city's footprint spreads further and further into the prairies. Fewer schools, pools, and other amenities will only drive people out of inner-city neighbourhoods faster, creating more demand for costly sprawl— and making Calgarians leave for other cities. Forcing existing communities to make sacrifices to fund new communities will not solve our budget crisis or help in our economic recovery.

Council's last decision to approve 14 new communities in 2018 cost taxpayers an additional $57-million

The 14 new communities approved by City Council in 2018, against Administration's recommendation to approve only eight, cost taxpayers more than $57-million in budget shortfall. The current developable land supply from the 41 new communities already under development is expected to meet market demand until at least 2032. Calgary Firefighters continue to warn against the threat to service quality and safety posed by pressure to spread their resources thinner and thinner.


We need a Ward 8 City Councillor that will fight against the proposed taxpayer subsidies for the 11 new communities coming to Council for approval in 2022. (Source: CBC)

We must reinvest in Ward 8 neighbourhoods

If elected to be your Ward 8 City Councillor, I will vote against the proposed subsidization of 11 additional new communities on the far edges of the city. Rather than spreading finite city resources thinner and thinner with more sprawl, we must instead reinvest in our established neighbourhoods like those in Ward 8.


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