Vehicle Noise and Noise Policy Update

In September 2022, I tabled a Notice of Motion directing Administration to begin the work of addressing vehicle noise, including enforcement performed by Peace Officers and an investigation of automated systems that could help tackle the issue. With the support of my colleagues on Council, this Notice of Motion was approved in November 2022, its workplan approved in July 2023, and resourced through budget adjustments in November 2023

Today, Council delivered a progress update letting us know how this work is proceeding. 

In short:

  • The Traffic Safety Team of 2 Sergeants and 8 Peace Officers has an expected launch date in Q3-Q4 of 2024. The initial focus will be on school zone safety. 
  • A street-level noise monitoring pilot will begin in Q3 2024 in collaboration with The City of Calgary Information Technology. This baseline noise data will inform the team's focus on vehicle noise enforcement in spring 2025. 
  • Proposed amendments to the Calgary Traffic Bylaw will be presented to the Community Development Committee in Q3 2024. 

Noise Policy Update

In September 2023, I tabled a Notice of Motion directing City Administration to return to Council with: 

Today, City Administration provided these items (linked above) in response. 

Fully engaging in all this work would come at a substantial cost and require resourcing for funding and staff time. At this point, Administration recommends that The City provide interested researchers with data and information to further our understanding of noise exposure in Calgary. Once this research and analysis occurs, we can better determine how to most effectively address noise exposure as an issue in Calgary. 

What does understanding noise exposure look like?

Noise mapping is the first step in determining noise level exposure. Below is an example from Toronto. Click here for examples from European cities.

Click here to show your support for vehicle noise enforcement and developing better noise policy. 




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