On Monday, let’s vote to move Calgary forward

What type of city do you want to live in?

Throughout this campaign, I asked this very question. I asked it of myself when I decided to run for Ward 8 City Councillor, and I asked it of the thousands of Ward 8 residents I’ve met over the course of this journey. I listened and heard how much you love our city, and I also heard your concerns about the increasing uncertainty we face as the world changes around us.


Be unafraid to make Calgary better

Calgary is a beautiful city with amazing neighbourhoods, incredible people, and a thriving culture. I’ve spent years working in and with the Ward 8 community as a teacher, coach, advocate, and I see and believe in the potential of this place. When I speak to my students about their future, I ask them to be unafraid to be passionate, I ask them to be unafraid to care. I hold myself to the same standard, and I hold this city to that standard. The complexities of our city means that we must embrace and cultivate  the aspects of Calgary we love, while being unafraid to challenge the parts of this city that can be better. 

We can choose to move Calgary forward

Last year, our world came to a halt. Calgary was already hurting–our downtown is half empty, we’re facing an affordable housing crisis, a mental health and addictions crisis, a changing climate, and a next generation that increasingly doesn’t feel that they have a future here.

I’ve shared my vision of how we can work together to build a city that:

  • Is a magnet for the brightest minds and new investment, with a vibrant downtown, thriving arts and culture, and strong support for entrepreneurship.


  • Reinvests in our established neighbourhoods by keeping more of your tax dollars where you live to support safe, sustainable, and amenity-rich communities.


  • Breaks barriers so that everyone is empowered to contribute, live a meaningful life, and be part of our next success story.

I am honored to receive major endorsements from Calgary’s Future, Look Forward, Responsible Representation Political Action Committee, Councillors Evan Woolley and Druh Farrell, and MLAs Kathleen Ganley and Joe Ceci. These endorsements represent a broad spectrum of workers and community leaders.

On Monday, Calgarians have the opportunity to choose whether we cling to the past or choose to move forward with optimism. Polling shows we are within grasp of winning in Ward 8. Every vote counts. I humbly ask for your vote so we can start the important work of building for the future together.

-Courtney Walcott


Plan Your Vote

Polls are open on Monday, October 18th, 8AM to 8PM. Click here for more info.

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