We need to counter the Freedom Convoy with a rallying cry for equality and hope

Freedom is not just something we choose or demand. It is something we share.

I encourage you to read my opinion piece published in the Calgary Herald today. The concluding excerpt:

In the vacuum of progressive visions, extremists are taking advantage of people’s sense of being left behind. COVID-19 has deepened the existing inequalities and reinforced the alienation and isolation many already felt in our society. Unfortunately, weekly rallies in cities across Canada are not being organized around equity and justice.

So maybe that’s what has to come next: an equal swell and force of people demanding equity, demanding opportunity, challenging the rules of our society to protect the most vulnerable and truly provide equality of opportunity for all. In these “unprecedented times,” such voices need to be louder and clearer in this moment.

To cut through the noise of discontent and opportunism of anti-vaxxers, of the “Freedom Convoy,” we need to build a path forward with opportunity, optimism and hope.

And we need to cement once and for all that freedom is not just something we choose or demand; it is something we share.

I encourage residents to report noise, traffic impacts, vandalism, and incidents of harassment or intimidation through 311.

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