Calgary's Climate Strategy Approved!

The strategy builds on the existing strategy and aligns with the Council Climate Emergency declaration to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and adapt to our changing climate at an accelerated pace and scale. It follows Council's commitment to Building Accountability into the Declaration of a Climate Emergency and Call to Action.

The Calgary Climate Strategy positions Calgary for the future, pursuing federal, provincial and private-sector grants and funding opportunities. Calgary Economic Development estimates that the net zero transition will result in the creation of more than 160,000 jobs. 

Harmful carbon emissions have never been higher in human history, and we must act urgently to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Climate change will result in a number of negative consequences locally, including negative impacts on crop yields, disruption of our energy supply, an increase in extreme weather events, a greater incidence of forest fires, increased infrastructure costs, stress on water resources, as well as financial and insurance implications.

In the absence of any planned adaptation, the imposed direct annual costs of climate change for Calgary are estimated at about $1.2B and $5.3B (2020 dollars) in 2055 and 2085, respectively. That is to say, in the 2050s and 2080s expected losses attributable to projected changes in Calgary’s climate are anticipated to amount to, respectively, $1.2B and $5.3B on average in any given year.

You can read more in the report titled Costs of Inaction: Economic Analysis of Calgary's Climate Risk.

While we know the local effects of climate change can be felt locally through more intense weather events and their effects, our actions also have global repercussions. The World Health Organization describes climate change as the single biggest health threat facing humanity.


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