Council Needs to Approve the Housing Strategy in Full

  • One week from today, Council’s Community Development Committee will vote on the future of The City of Calgary’s Housing Strategy.
  • The strategy includes the 33 recommendations from the Housing and Affordability Task Force. Calgarians are welcome to attend and speak to the Committee.

This is a pivotal moment for the future of our city.

The Housing Needs Assessment released yesterday shows that:

  • Almost one in five Calgary households couldn’t afford their housing in 2021 – a number that has likely worsened given the cost increases over the past two years.
  • An annual income of $84,000 is needed to adequately afford average market rent in 2023.
  • The median cost to buy a detached home has increased by 37% in the last three years.
  • An annual household income of $156,000 is required to adequately afford a single detached home in 2023.

If my Council colleagues choose inaction or further deferrals, we risk a worsening affordability crisis that re-enacts the grim scenarios we have seen play out in Vancouver and Toronto over the last decade or so. Those cities are only now considering taking measures to address their housing crisis.

If my Council colleagues are courageous and choose action, Calgary will make enormous strides in stabilizing housing costs, enabling more homes in all shapes and sizes in all neighbourhoods. It is likely that we will lead the nation as a major city addressing housing affordability.

Approving the Housing Strategy will increase the supply of non-market and market housing, ensuring that there is a diverse range of options in all communities so all Calgarians can find a home that meets their needs.

This is not a time for pilot projects, token gestures, or half-measures.


The Housing Strategy and its recommendations need to be approved in full.


To show your support:

Read more about the Housing Strategy at

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