Approve Housing and Affordability Action


Calgary’s housing affordability has been a competitive advantage – but we risk seeing this advantage quickly eroding very quickly without acting now. Some large Canadian cities have seen the crush of housing unaffordability contribute to catastrophic results. Calgary has an opportunity to proactively take measures to make our city an affordable place to live.

Last year, Council approved the launch of the Housing and Affordability Task Force. The Task Force is returning to Council today with six recommendations and 33 actions that it has determined will help address Calgary’s housing and affordability challenges. 

Calgarians have repeatedly expressed through the Citizen Satisfaction Survey that housing is a top priority.

The Task Force has developed six recommendations with key actions to address housing affordability challenges in  Calgary. The recommendations seek to create three distinct outcomes:

• Increase and diversify the supply of housing. Boost development by 1000 more market homes beyond what is normally built in a year, and at least 3000 non-market affordable homes a year.

• Strengthen the housing sector to support partner collaboration and foster a greater impact than if they were to act alone.

• Improve living conditions for people in rental housing.

Will you sign?

Calgary City Council must direct City Administration to carefully implement the Housing and Affordability Task Force's Recommendations.

Over 110,000 people will be moving to Calgary within the next four years. That means Calgary needs to welcome 75 people per day.

Demand for housing has increased housing costs and driven rents up 22% over the course of a year, leading to the lowest vacancy rate in a decade.

Calgary has passed the 5:1 price-to-income ratio, meaning that by OECD measures, our city’s housing market can now be considered severely unaffordable.

More than 81,000 Calgary households — nearly one in five households — spend more than 30 per cent of their income on shelter costs.

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